postal administration

Our postal administration services provide a "care of" service of your current Postal operator agreements. We provide monitoring, control and billing through managed mail submissions to one or more Postal operators that you may have agreements with. A pre-requisite for the PostStream Administration services is that the iSORTTM software platform is installed and operational at your Print operator, either an in-house print & mail centre or at your selected external print & mail partner.

iSort administration

Benefits of Service:
  1. Find and eliminate errors
  2. Better control of your Postal operator
  3. Better control of your Print operator
  4. Less administrative work
  5. Easier to budget

The following functions and process support are provided:

Creation of mailing run delivery note

iSORTTM optimises and sorts the resultant output file for the lowest postage cost. After the output file is sorted for the respective postal operator, iSORTTM also creates a preliminary mailing run delivery note. This delivery note contains the number of mail pieces, the selected operator service and any other information about the mail pieces, including weight, which the postal operator requires. The preliminary mailing run delivery note is printed out locally by the Print operator for later mail submission to the Postal operator; it is also stored as a PDF file in iSORTTM database for subsequent audit controls; the stored PDF file may also be e-mailed as required.

Mail Submission to the Postal operator

The Print operator implements the print and enveloping mail submission based on the generated mailing run delivery note. Mail submission is typically summarised using the Postal operator customer number assigned to the mailing run customer, in cases where we are using a PostStream postal agreement this will be the PostStream customer number assigned by the Postal operator. When there are deviations from the preliminary mailing run delivery note as a result of production issues the revised mailing run delivery note will be faxed to you and / or PostStream.

Receipt of mailing run invoices

After the mail submission to each of the respective Postal operators used in the mailing runs, invoices are typically issued and posted by the Postal operator approximately 3-7 days after mail delivery.

Invoice verification

Invoices from the Postal operators are carefully checked against corresponding mailing run delivery notes, as above, reviewed for data accuracy with mail volumes, weights, service used, etc. If there are any discrepancies detected these are then communicated directly to you, the customer. This enables you as the customer to contact, either directly or via PostStream, the party responsible for the discrepancy (Print operator or Postal operators) and where appropriate invoke the relevant contracted Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Invoice Summary

All mailing run Invoices are compiled into a customer summary report, using reporting periods that fit with your company's accounting processes (e.g. weekly, monthly or quarterly).

Cost centre code based invoicing

As an added option, allow Poststream to control, monitor and allocate your internal departmental cost centre codes to your mailing run invoices. This will give you a much better understanding of how your postage costs are being used by your company departments on an on-going basis and enables better control through correct budget allocation of postage costs to those departments within your company.

PostStream Hybrid Mail

you create - we print - we post

Leveraging the UK's leading hybrid mail solution that provides a complete solution for printing, producing and delivering your mail. By using PostStream Hybrid Mail you could significantly reduce the costs associated with mail services. PostStream Hybrid Mail removes the need for franking machines and stationery, providing cost savings of up to 65%.